Meniscal repair surgery

Historically, during a meniscal repair procedure, stitches were placed from the knee'sinterior and incisions were made at the joint line to allow the tying of knots.

In recent years, instrumentation has been introduced that includes pre-loaded surgicalimplants and pre-tied knots, designed to facilitate meniscal repair without the need foradditional incisions.

30 years of saving the meniscus

In 1994, attitudes toward meniscal preservation were very different, but we now fully understand the biomechanical importance of the meniscus and the potential consequences of meniscectomy.

Three decades of innovation, more than a quarter of a century of progress and 30 years of saving the meniscus have culminated in an evolving technology portfolio and techniques for All Tears, All Repairs; underpinned by clinical evidence.

Accelerating the standard of care toward repair.

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We are accelerating the standard of care toward meniscal repair by aiming to provide the best solutions possible. Download the surgical technique guide to learn more.

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