Redefining biological healing

Supports the body’s natural healing response to facilitate new tendon-like tissue growth and changes the course of rotator cuff tear progression.2-6

Comprised of type 1 collagen,7 it's an advanced healing solution for biological tendon regeneration for the entire spectrum of disease, from partial-thickness to massive rotator cuff tears.1-6,8

Limiting the impact of re-tears

When rotator cuff re-tears can impose a substantial burden on patients and practices, a randomized controlled trial concluded that adding a REGENETEN Implant (n=60) to the repair of full-thickness tears resulted in (compared to standard repairs alone, n=62):

  • Risk of re-tear three times lower (8.3% vs 25.8%; RR=0.32; [95% CI: 0.13-0.83]; p=0.0106)12
  • Better tendon integrity Difference in Sugaya grade between groups, (p=0.030)12

Product Features

Rotator cuff surgery

Medical Education

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*Finite element analysis indicated that the addition of 2 mm of tendinous tissue on the bursal side of a supraspinatus tendon with an articular-sided tear reduced the peak strain at the site of the tear by 40%.

**On human biopsy (n=1) and in-vivo sampling.

***Patients with partial thickness tears; 3 to 12 months n=46, 2 year n=13, 5 years n=11.

****Demonstrated in a study of patients with partial-thickness tears.

*****Demonstrated in patients with partial and full-thickness tears, compared to pre-operative values; p≤0.015.

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